Ripple Funding, LLC

In 2015 Ripple launched its first product with a mission and enthusiasm to make charitable giving simple, fun and free.

We are proud of our team and our accomplishments. We have succeeded in raising donor-less, charitable dollars and we have been honored that our celebrity, charity, end users and other partners chose to utilize Ripple's platform to create an impact simply through social content.

The current phase for Ripple is an unfortunate one. Despite attracting a group of amazing celebrity ambassadors and charitable organizations, raising significant charitable dollars, and the entire Ripple team pouring their hearts into the company's mission, we have regrettably suspended active service as of May 29, 2017.

We are grateful for the trust, support, and patronage of our clients, charities, employees, advertisers, external partners, and the public for embracing our mission.

Please contact us at for any inquiry.

Thank you,
The Ripple Team