Empowering Everyone To Do Good

A single platform with a huge mission

We all want to make a positive impact on the world, but how? We may not have the time, the money, or even know where to begin. Ripple’s mission is to make charitable giving simple, fun, and free! Just by viewing and sharing Ripple content from participating celebrities and charities, fans can help raise money without spending money.

Changing The Face Of Giving

An Approach That Rewards Us All

Until now, fundraising efforts have been limited to expensive events, isolated social media efforts, and crowdfunding campaigns that fizzle when the dollars stop. Ripple is changing that. Without disrupting the user’s social experience or changing their behavior, Ripple harnesses the power of social content to generate sustainable cash for causes.

Ripple In Action

The Magic Behind The Model

Ripple works by combining innovative social publishing with strategic brand partnerships to raise awareness and drive donations through a unique ad-based revenue model. The more Ripple content that’s viewed and shared, the more donations are generated. It’s that simple!